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We highly, highly recommend you download the PDF DRIVING DIRECTIONS, see below.  


As  Baldface Valhalla guests you’ll need to sign your paperwork in the Nelson office, as per your info pack from the Baldface team.  You also must be at the pick up location by 7:20 am, see below and don't be late!!.  


We are located at 4615 Passmore Upper Road, but enter Ravencourt Lodge into your map search window.  We are on the access road into Valhalla park. PLEASE NOTE, THERE IS NO CELL SERVICE OUT HERE, so you had better download the map on your phone, and again we recommend downloading these PDF driving instructions.

It snows here, and I mean it snows a lot!  In the winter, you need a 4-wheel drive with winter tires to get up the hill on many, many occasions, so be sure you are prepared to drive in the real deal Kootenay snow zone.  PLEASE NOTE THAT WE LIVE DOWN A CURVEY HILL and you want to greatly watch your speed.  The road can be slippery, and it is narrow, so you need to slow down and, if you meet another vehicle, use the pull outs and wide parts of the road to stay safe. Download the driving instructions for print.


For our Baldface Valhalla guests, you will drive yourselves to the pick-up site, which is located at 3656 Old Passmore Rd and a 4.6 KM drive from our lodge, where you will park in the public bus stop parking area.

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